Tuesday, June 17, 2014

No one on earth is like you Mr GM

Posted by Nat at 1:50 AM

Our General Manager is leaving us yesterday.
Felt so bad..sad!
Wish he will be with us..forever!

He is my inspiration  to come to work..
Love the way he is..
Admire the way he work..
They said he tread me special
For me..he understand me better
He helps me to route direction in my career...for my lovely kids.

Today is the first day been lead by somebody else..felt weird, demotivated, down..
But, life goes on
I will get use into this new environment soon...emmm..

Wish him luck..
Hope there will be better work environment for him outside..
If there is.....PLEASE TAKE US WITH YOU :-) hehehe..



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