Friday, November 12, 2010

I as a wedding planner..??

Posted by Natrah at 12:15 AM
Reactions: is Nov 12, not even a mth to my younger sister BIG day. I will act as a informal wedding planner as my parents and my elder sister went to Mekah......getting worsy since  my younger sister will be on course for 3 days before the reception day...till now, she did not know where will the course be? terrible...

17 Nov - Raya Haji-Kenduri Kekah Yaya
18 Nov - My b'day
5 Dec - Wedding reception my cousin in Putrajaya.
6 Dec - Get fresh flowers from Cameron on the way back to Penang
9 Dec - My parents, kakak and Chaq will be back from Mekah - we going to have simple makan2.
11 Dec- Tikah Reception Day

Its critical........because :
1. I only have 4 days of leaves....unpaid is currently freeze...huhuhuhu..
2. Tikah is on course start 8 to am I to handle alone, with Yaya melekat dpinggang all the time...huhuhu..

Need to be done:
- Hias bilik....
- Meja Pengantin
- Pelamin??? no no
- Bunga teloq
- Door gift (adult& kids difference)
- Souveniers for the tukang masak, marhaban
- Baju pengantin
- Pasang Curtain baru
- Kek kawin
- Hantaran

Thats all I can remember....currently, Tikah is preggy 5 weeks...and of course the hard word need to be done by ME...and yaya (of course)...My bro? Its better not to help us  as their kids will make thing worst..they are "super kids".hahahahahah.....terrible.

Baju nk pakai for the reception??
still blurrr...


Natrah on November 25, 2010 at 10:58 PM said...

ntah hapa ayat aku lam post yg ni..heheheh, emosional sgt kot


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