Wednesday, October 6, 2010

still low milk supply..

Posted by Natrah at 2:23 AM
Today, after 2 pumping session - only got 2.5 oz..increased 0.5 oz from yesterday..hope that the supply will keep on increasing day by day..aminn.

As to Yaya update...since last Monday, babysitter complaint  that he dont want to slept at all -play all the time..patutla, after I fetch him..dia tak senang duduk..asyik nk berdukung ja..maybe dia letih sgt.merap  latu..I was thinking to put him into buaian ...but, I hv to consider on these:

Positive side :
   - Last weekends, dia tido lam buaian kt umah tok dia...he slept soundly.
   - Senang nk manage sleep time...cukup masa, masukkan lam buaian.
   - Yaya tak meragam lagi...cukup tido during the days.

Negative side:
   -Kalo dia dah terbiasa tido buaian, in case of traveling...will he sleep without buaian?especially bila balik KL..
   -Kes baby tersedak..mostly sbb minum dalam buaian...Are my baby sitter aware on this?

Emmm...need to discuss further with Mr Husband...hope there are solution for this..Yaya have to get enough sleep.



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